Loving Kindness – Get You Some!

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Many times people carry themselves with such a shell of armor or even a loaded weapon at their side. They wake up into a world that they choose to believe is crazy, evil, and primarily wicked. Beliefs change the way we live because they are the result of thoughts. Thoughts affect…

the journey

the journey (c) Angela Dina a breath it allowed for clarity it produced serenity, that was received, accepted. a new moment freedom peace inspiration, an idea, a new thought, a path, never before seen welcomed wonder… possibility, curiosity, expansion, desire. faith, feeling, belief, hope, opportunity, exploration, excitement, enthusiasm, anticipation, expectation, knowing, realization! in the moment … Continue reading


Mercy to the man Who lived with such pain Who loved everyone Everyday Just the same. Can you try to compare? Can you try to relate? Gonna come up short Let it be No mistake Shallow waters Mountains high Somewhere between Earth and sky No regrets Living free Hold my hand now Rescue me. (C) … Continue reading

If you’re living, then Live! Revolutionize your existance.

The best place to start is in the present moment. Stop – (Stop, Take a Breath, Observe your Being, Proceed) Repeat, as necessary. Feeling a little more centered? If you are awake in your life you will appreciate these words – If you are yearning for change you will recognize your hunger for these words … Continue reading